London Zoo with Two Little Swingers

I took my little monkeys to London Zoo last weekend, courtesy of Virgin Money who’d invited several bloggers on a day out. The babes felt right at home amidst all the wild things.

Jed with birds

Famed for their award-winning family annual travel insurance, I reckon Virgin must have insured the weather as well, as the sun was out for pretty much the entire afternoon.

The last time we went to London Zoo, we saw some rather frisky gorilla action. Luckily the apes were on their best behaviour this time around. But we caught some naughty looking monkeys darting around.

Monkey on a ledge London Zoo

One thing I love about the Zoo is that no matter how many times you visit, there are always new scenes and sights to explore.

This time around, we got to check out Penguin Beach and I fell head over heels in love with the little waddlers.

Penguins paddling at London Zoo

I spent ages watching the penguins sunbathe and flip around in their pool and it was worth it just to get this shot.

Penguin Beach at London Zoo

Lions are my ultimate animals so we always head for the big cats. It’s strangely thrilling being this close to a lioness with only a thin sheet of glass between you.

Lioness at London Zoo

At one point she turned and stared straight at me. I like to think we were having a ‘moment’, but most likely it was my zebra poncho that had caught her eye!

On our last visit to the Zoo, I found the giraffes absolutely spellbinding so after a quick dip into the aquarium, we climbed up to see the Giraffe High Tea.

Giraffe High Tea at London Zoo

Of course I couldn’t leave without showing off my poncho to a real live zebra. He didn’t give me a second look but I felt my work was done.

Thanks to Virgin for making Jed’s 4th birthday weekend extra special. Our Zoo day out was money, baby.

Virgin Money provided us with free tickets to the zoo and £25 travel expenses. Virgin Money Travel Insurance was voted ‘Best Online Travel Insurance Provider 2012′ at the Your Money Direct Awards.

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  1. says

    Just seen this post now. Love London Zoo…think P might have taken me on date one time there (oh the romance) but the monkeys were not there (think I cried)…I must take the kids as know they will love it. Fab pics of my (second favourite) boys x

  2. Uju says

    Oh you must take the boys, they will have so much fun. We just did Chessington at the weekend and babes loved that too x


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