How to Give Kids a Body Confidence Boost

Ezra Jed leap

        I love watching my boys playing football. When they’re really in the zone, doing what they love most, it looks like nothing can touch them. They’re not just comfortable in their skin, they’re limitless. Both Ezra and Jed are naturally sporty and when I talk to them about body confidence, and… 

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20 Questions for Jed on his 7th Birthday

Jed silly face

    So here we are. Another celebration, another 20 Birthday Questions as birthday season at Babes HQ comes to a close. Our little man turns 7 today, one more step away from teeny one to pre-tween.     Despite his easy breezy personality, in some ways it’s been a roller coaster ride with Jed…. 

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How to Keep Healthy in Winter

Ezra in Ice

    Can you feel the chill in the air? To beat a Game of Thrones reference to death, ‘winter is coming’ and I’m still not ready. After such an unseasonably warm Christmas, it seems almost wrong to complain, but I consider it my right as a British citizen to moan about the weather.  … 

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20 Questions for Jed on his 6th Birthday

Cafe Football Jed at Sweet Shop

    Birthday month at Babes HQ reaches its final peak with my little man turning 6 today! I’m honestly gobsmacked at how big he’s becoming and yet of course he’ll always be my babe about town. We’re prepping for his pizza and bowling party later, but first Jed sat down to answer 20 Questions… 

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A Birthday Wish #EndFGM

Christine FGM survivor

Today is my birthday and I’m celebrating the rights of girls and women everywhere. I share a birth sign with the wonderful author Alice Walker. It was by reading her book, Possessing the Secret of Joy, that I first learned intimately about the horrors of female genital mutilation. FGM is a dangerous practice, carried out… 

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