Burger & Lobster (with the Babes)

Burger or lobster at 20 quid a pop.

That’s the simple but surprisingly alluring offer at this popular eatery, which recently opened a 4th spot in St Paul’s.

Burger & Lobster review

We found ourselves at Burger & Lobster in Green Park during a hotel stay at Flemings Mayfair, just a few doors down.

There’s no booking and even post-lunchtime the place was packed, but we only had to wait 15 minutes at the bar before they secured us a table.

The decor at Burger & Lobster is hip but unfussy and the vibe is relaxed. So you don’t feel self-conscious with two munchkins amidst the mixed clientele of trendies and tourists.

If the thought of coughing up £20 for a burger makes your eyes water, it’s offset by being able to snag a whole lobster at bargain price.

There’s nothing more drool-worthy than seeing a 1kg lobster sail past you on a tray on its way to a bib-wearing diner. The lobsters are served with garlic butter, the burgers come plain or with bacon, pickle and cheese and everything arrives with a large side salad and fries.

Burger at Burger and Lobster

We ordered a burger for the babes to share, the Man had one to himself and I opted for the lobster brioche roll. Abiye’s not a seafood person at all but he was raving about the lobster roll after his last visit.

The food took about 20 minutes to arrive (too long when you’ve got hungry babes) but at least the burger was on point when it came.

Kids eating Burger & Lobster

Chunky, moist, well-seasoned beef and a soft bap plus skinny, perfectly fried chips and dressy salad with croutons made a filling dish for 2 little ones.

Tucking in at Burger and Lobster

Abiye’s burger was a monster in full regalia of cheese, bacon and pickles and it was quite a sight watching him make mincemeat (ahem) out of it.

I was impressed by the size of my lobster roll, two good handfuls of brioche crammed with deliciously fresh and succulent meat.

Burger & Lobster lobster roll

First few bites were outstanding but half-way through I was finding the lobster mayo slightly too salty. I really couldn’t handle it all on my own, so Babe Daddy polished it off.

I would recommend this restaurant for a family outing, as it’s quite an eyeful for kids — from the dramatic servings to the grown-ups wearing bibs!

Apparently at less busy times you can even have a wander into the lobster room where live lobsters are held in tanks (not for the faint of heart).

We were well and truly stuffed from our sandwiches at Burger & Lobster. But next time, I’m going all out for the 1kg lobster.

Burger & Lobster is at 29 Clarges St, W1 (Green Park tube) and also in Soho, Farringdon and St. Paul’s

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