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In addition to the obvious – fashion sense, colour coordination and an eye for detail – it takes much more for a celebrity to become a successful designer of children’s clothing.

As well as having good taste and a mountain of creativity, the famous faces behind kids’ clothing ranges are expected to be responsible and inspirational adults. Sadly, this is where some seem to fall short.

Recent times have seen the launch of children’s fashion lines from a mind-boggling array of celebrities – some you might expect and others that leave your jaw hanging.

Celeb mum of two Emma Bunton is set to release a 99-piece collection of clothing for Argos, targeted at children from the age of 0 to 10 years old. The range, launching this month, has been described by Emma as ‘practical but fun’ and will include guitars and skulls for boys and bold, brightly coloured designs for the girls’ clothes.

It seems fitting that ‘Baby Spice’ should move into the kids’ fashion arena, as a pop star who has featured in the Best Dressed pages of magazines over the years. Emma even managed to avoid disasters in her Spice Girl days, when fashion faux-pas were rife amongst the famous five. Emma Bunton’s range will comprise of many staple items, such as T-shirts, jeans, cardigans and jumpers.

At the other end of the image scale lies Katie Price, who launched her baby clothing range last year. The collection is quite limited and priced around £15-£25 for an outfit.

Katie’s three-year old daughter Princess Tiaamii was photographed last year sporting a full face of make-up and false eyelashes. Certainly Ms Price’s style is not to every mother’s taste!

One celebrity-endorsed clothing range to look out for is that of another former Spice Girl, Victoria Beckham. Since the birth of her baby girl, speculation that Posh might add a kids’ line to her already booming fashion career has been growing.

According to industry whispers, the fashion designer has already made a start to sketches and is looking inwards to her family life for inspiration.

Another well-known children’s clothing designer is Stella McCartney, who released ‘Stella McCartney Kids’, a follow on from her hugely successful collaborations with GapKids. The collection includes clothes for girls and boys aged 0 to 12 years old, with prices ranging from £14-£130.

The range is perceived to be a natural continuation of her previous work and upholds her playful style. One personal touch Stella added was to give each piece individual names, such as ‘Ingrid’ and ‘Alvin’.

Stella said around the time of the line’s launch, that she wanted the clothes to be affordable and accessible to all parents, as well as timeless and desirable.

This is a guest post in association with Argos.

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  1. says

    Super post. I liked Myleene’s range for Mothercare so would be interested to see what Bunton has to offer. Funny, you’d rarely think of Argos for children’s clothes so it’s a good move on their part. Hoping VB whispers are true. She tweeted some cat print material on twitter a while back to get the rumour mill going. If only I could afford it!

  2. Uju says

    I’d be fascinated to see what Posh turns out for kiddies. Designers don’t really turn my head on star power alone but I have to say I’m quite liking the look of Emma B’s range.

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