Giant Chocolate Fountain Hits London!

Did that get your attention? It certainly got ours.

We hotfooted it down to Westfield Shepherd’s Bush last weekend where we were met by the most glorious sight: a giant chocolate fountain in the foyer. And when I say giant, I mean to the roof.

It was pure Willy Wonka meets chocoholic fantasy.

The launch of the Joyville Magnificent Musical Chocolate Fountain was organised by Cadbury (Joyville is the mystical place where Cadbury’s chocolate is made, didn’t you know?) as part of their ‘joy’ movement – spreading happiness nationwide.

The scene at Westfield was like some strange chocolate secret society, with visitors donning purple hooded robes for the ‘induction’ (or possibly so we didn’t get our finest splattered in cocoa).

We were led around the bubbling fountain by the jolly Joyville team and given the inside scoop on how the joyous stuff is piped around the country.

There were cups of chocolate for tasting and a quirky dance performance by Camp Joyville. Camp indeed.

We left with massive grins and a goodie bag weighed down with a 1kg Cadbury’s Dairy Milk bar.

That’s us sorted until the Easter Bunny arrives!

The Joyville Chocolate Fountain will be touring the nation in 2012, heading to Manchester next. Keep an eye on the web site to see if it’s popping up near you soon!

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