Biker Babe (Trendy Toddler Tuesday)

Hey folks, it’s Jed. Today I’m taking part in my homie Little M’s swanky new blog-hop called Trendy Toddler Tuesday.

It’s all about babes with style, so you know I had to represent. Mama finally got her act together and snapped some pics of me on my first day back at nursery.

I’ve been rocking the H&M hat out and about for the past week because I think I look cool (and it keeps my ears warm).

The jumper’s from H&M too, mum says it reminds her of Cookie Monster – and so do I!

Turned-up jeans from Baby Gap.

Shoes from Next (just £7 in the January sale).

Biker jacket by Zara Kids, by way of my big bro Ezra.

Mum says the jacket’s not a hand-me-down, it’s (kid) vintage!

Do you know a toddler with great taste in fashion? Join in with this link-up every Tuesday on Mummy’s Busy World.

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6 Responses to “Biker Babe (Trendy Toddler Tuesday)”

  1. PetitMom says:

    Oh I LOVE that jacket! It’s nice to see little boys trends as I find hunting for clothes for my son so tricky… way too many girls stuff out there and not enough good boy stuff. Great to see what other parents have found :)

  2. Uju says:

    Hey Petit Mom, it’s a funky jacket huh? Jed’s dad tracked it down so I have to give him big style kudos there. There is a lot of gorgeous stuff for girls, but the boys’ stuff is cooler. Or maybe I’m biased ;-)

  3. Circusmum says:

    ok so like woah Jed is one trendy toddler! I love the cute ‘monster’ jumper and that Zara coat is beyond cool. I’m a big believer of children’s vintage!

  4. Uju says:

    LOL where would we be without a little kid vintage? Glad you like the togs, I did think he was repping properly for his first Trendy Toddler Tuesday outing!

  5. OMG, OMG, OMG — JED IS SO FREAKING STYLING!!!!! I loves his little face and he has no idea just how cool he is. UJU, damn girl this is amazing :)

  6. Uju says:

    Ha ha, you know he had to do his thing. It there’s one thing the babes got, it’s swagger! ;-)

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