Biker Babe (Trendy Toddler Tuesday)

Hey folks, it’s Jed. Today I’m taking part in my homie Little M’s swanky new blog-hop called Trendy Toddler Tuesday.

It’s all about babes with style, so you know I had to represent. Mama finally got her act together and snapped some pics of me on my first day back at nursery.

I’ve been rocking the H&M hat out and about for the past week because I think I look cool (and it keeps my ears warm).

The jumper’s from H&M too, mum says it reminds her of Cookie Monster – and so do I!

Turned-up jeans from Baby Gap.

Shoes from Next (just £7 in the January sale).

Biker jacket by Zara Kids, by way of my big bro Ezra.

Mum says the jacket’s not a hand-me-down, it’s (kid) vintage!

Do you know a toddler with great taste in fashion? Join in with this link-up every Tuesday on Mummy’s Busy World.

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  1. says

    Oh I LOVE that jacket! It’s nice to see little boys trends as I find hunting for clothes for my son so tricky… way too many girls stuff out there and not enough good boy stuff. Great to see what other parents have found :)

  2. Uju says

    Hey Petit Mom, it’s a funky jacket huh? Jed’s dad tracked it down so I have to give him big style kudos there. There is a lot of gorgeous stuff for girls, but the boys’ stuff is cooler. Or maybe I’m biased ;-)

  3. says

    ok so like woah Jed is one trendy toddler! I love the cute ‘monster’ jumper and that Zara coat is beyond cool. I’m a big believer of children’s vintage!

  4. Uju says

    LOL where would we be without a little kid vintage? Glad you like the togs, I did think he was repping properly for his first Trendy Toddler Tuesday outing!

  5. Uju says

    Ha ha, you know he had to do his thing. It there’s one thing the babes got, it’s swagger! ;-)

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