The Show must go BOING! (Theatre Review)

You could say it was a risky move taking two already absurdly bouncy boys to watch a show called Boing.

Warning bells were clanging in my ears as we settled in our seats at Lilian Baylis Studio overlooking a ‘bedroom’ with felt pen scribbles all over duvet and floor.

Oversized stockings hung around the stage set the scene for what turned out to be a hugely entertaining tale of two brothers on the night before Christmas.

Like any kids awaiting Santa, Joel and Wilkie (played by real-life buddies Joel Daniel and Wilkie Branson) are too excited to sleep. So they spend the night getting up to all sorts of pranks, including pretending to be superheroes and robots, having pillow fights and gorging themselves on a midnight feast.

The actors are true physical comedians who had the audience of pre-schoolers cracking up from the moments they poked their heads out of the bedsheets.

With their expressive facial features and fluid movements, Joel and Wilkie are sort of like modern day Stan Laurels crossed with young Fred Astaires – then throw in some b-boy attitude!

I loved seeing how absorbed the young ones were throughout and there’s plenty of audience interaction including a chance to play catch with the boys’ teddies.

Blending fun and games, a simple storyline, dance (including some ultra cool glow-in-the-dark breakdancing) and serious bedroom acrobatics, Boing is perfectly pitched for kids ages 3 to 6.

And yes, the babes left in what you might call ‘spring mode’. You should have seen the state of our sofa afterwards!

Boing is at Lillian Bayliss Studio, Sadler’s Wells, Roseberry Ave, EC1 (Angel tube) until Dec 31. Tickets £7. Best availability for tickets on Dec 27, 28, 29, 30 & 31 at 10.30am and Dec 28, 29 & 30 at 2pm.Tel: 0844 412 4300

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  1. says

    What a super review and it’s a tough call to keep pre schoolers entertained and stimulated. Those boys sound wonderful…wonder if they’re busy over Xmas?

  2. Uju says

    It’s a great show, we actually bumped into Joel and Wilkie by our local pub on our way home the other night. The babes were star struck!

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