A little ‘Pizza and quiet’ at The Regent

On the corner of Liverpool Road and Richmond Avenue, a hop away from Barnard Park playground stands The Regent, a serious draw for local families.

This airy pub attracts Islington’s mamas and papas on weekday afternoons for their cheap lunch special (£5 pizza) and kids’ menu (£3.50 for pizza, add an extra quid for drink and ice cream dessert).

The Regent is famous for its relaxed vibe with friendly staff who are used to little ones getting under their feet.

We head straight for the back area where there’s comfy sofas and low tables, boxes of toys, and high-chairs stacked in various corners. My four-year-old gets busy on the table-top games while Jed, 14 months, grabs a truck and drives it up and down the wooden floors.

The pizzas are thin crust and just the right size for both adult and kid portions. I didn’t love mine as much as the one I had recently at Oregano, but it was still super tasty and excellent value for a fiver.

Ezra barely paused to sip his milk as he munched his down. Then it was back to the games where he got so engrossed, he didn’t even care when mummy ate his ice lolly (actually he couldn’t stomach it after all that pizza).

The Regent’s other attractions include a free jukebox loaded with tracks to take you back over four decades, free Wi-Fi and of course a well-stocked bar. A friend of mine confessed she often used to hang here with another mum chum, getting lightly pissed while their kids played.

Indeed it’s a great place to meet up for some grown-up fun, whether or not you’ve got the babes on board.

Bite Size Review
The Regent is a chilled-out, family friendly pub with tasty, great value pizzas, games and toys for little ones.

Photos courtesy of The Regent web site.

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  1. Uju says

    Thanks Shelle, hope you get to visit London too. You’ll love it (apart from the rain!).

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