Apple Fair at Forty Hall Estate

London Kids Weekend Scoop (September 29-October 2, 2016)

    We’re rounding the corner into October and despite rumours of an Indian summer, I’m looking forward to autumn. You know, apples and falling leaves and all that good stuff. The London Kids Weekend Scoop for the first weekend in October features hip hop dance theatre, circus, classic cars in King’s Cross and a… 

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Big Fish Little Fish Spiegeltent Canary Wharf
Marvel Universe Live Iron Man mask
The Hogwallops
16 Awesome Things to Do
Kerb Camden Maize Blaze

Kerb Camden (Eat London with Kids)

    At the VIP launch party** for Kerb Camden, it was a bit like going to an old school reunion. Our Babe papa, Big Apple Hot Dogs, is an alumni of Kerb from its original incarnation as Eat St, right through to its evolution into one of London’s best known collectives of street food… 

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Blinky Bill the movie cast

Blinky Bill the Movie (Babes Review)

    Who is Blinky Bill? Well, he’s the son of Mr. Bill of course: the legendary Koala explorer who went missing on one of his adventures. Blinky lives with his mum in Greenpatch, a leafy forest town, currently under threat from a scaly dictator aka Mayor Cranklepot. In a head-jerk towards Donald Trump and… 

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Camp Bestival 2016: A Festival in Space

    What are Camp Bestival babes made of? Glitter and veils and dragon’s tails. Mud and sweat and moments they’ll never forget.         Our third Camp Bestival adventure** began with a series of mishaps: from catching the wrong end of a train splitting into two lines, to my 10 year old… 

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Air Play with Seth and Christina of Acrobuffos

Air Play at the Southbank Centre Festival of Love

    Frisson. It means ‘goosebumps’ or a sudden experience of thrill, fear or shivery excitement… you know, that feeling like hundreds of tiny angels are tap-dancing on your skin. According to research, not everybody experiences frisson in relation to works of art. But I’ll bet there was a whole lot of frisson going on… 

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Barbecoa T-bone steak

Barbecoa at St Paul’s (Eat London with Kids)

    Arriving solo for our review, my first impressions of Jamie Oliver’s Barbecoa were: well, this is a bit swish for a dinner date with the munchkins. You’re welcomed downstairs at a separate reception by sleek looking hostesses; then led upstairs where the decor is urban contemporary and the vibe is distinctly ‘city boy’…. 

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Finding Dory

Finding Dory (Babes Review)

    It’s hard to explain why I felt so emotional at the end of Finding Dory. Maybe it was the theme of parental loss running through the movie. I saw the preview in June which had been a tough period, with Father’s Day falling on my mum’s birthday. It ain’t easy being an orphan,… 

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London in Summer: 31 coolest things to do

London in Summer: 31 COOLEST Things to Do with Kids

    Happy holidays! The weather’s fine, the babes are out of school and our London in Summer guide is live. I’ve found 31 COOLEST Things to do in London with kids, from urban beaches to splash festivals, to unforgettable experiences with your families. London in summer is a wonderful place to be — have… 

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London ice cream crawl

London Ice Cream Crawl

    Is it a happy accident that at least 5 of the best London ice cream parlours are within strolling distance of Babes HQ? Discovering two of my favourite ice cream shops on the same stretch of road (Upper St), gave me a lightbulb moment. How about we go on a London Ice Cream… 

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